There are five players in the field and one goalkeeper on both sides. The goalkeeper is dressed in the same way the ice hockey goalkeeper (because of great speed of shots). The rules are similar to ice hockey rules. Speciality of lacrosse is that the playing field isn't limited by outlines. The half line dividing both parts of field is 30m long indicated by flags on both its ends and can be crossed only between the flags. Fouls and other violations of rules are penalized by loss of ball, more severe fouls can be penalized by sending the player off field for 2-5 minutes (like in ice hockey). The goal (a square 180cm high and 180cm wide) is surrounded by circular goal area (diameter 6m). Only the goalkeeper can be in the goal area - even defender cannot enter. Players in field can't be equipped with laminated (hard) body defences because of security reasons. Wearing of the helm is permitted.

playfield drawing

Spare man's bench is located next to half line. It is the place for players not in play. Players can be changed during the game like in handball or basketball. Lacrosse is collective game so it's good to learn to have clear view of the game and think collectively. Not only excellent technique of play but the combination and cooperation of the whole team are basis of success.

There are about 20 goals scored during regular matches (the length of usual match is 2x25 minutes. The game is interrupted in the moment the referee loses the ball from sight or the play is restrained by some obstructions. The team can hold the ball for 30 seconds, before this limit they must shoot at the goal otherwise they loose the ball (after unsuccessful shot the counter is reset). The ball can be in goal area only for 5 seconds, after this time the defending side loses the ball.