New type of lacrosse sticks was developed by Grey Wolf team players and it was further improved. It brought big advancement forward in the system of play. Before this, Czech lacrosse was more individual game, now the game is more collective and. The lacrosse stick you right now hold in hand, significantly helped to simplification of play.

Where's the main difference between this lacrosse stick and others you might have seen in shops, stuck in bags of tourists or boy scouts, in hands of players?

Most important are changes in technique of ball throwing, ball catching simplification and the accuracy and speed of shot. Good players can achieve shot speeds that can be compared with that of tennis players or ice hockey shots (approx. 130 km/h = 80 mph). Many players are beginning to use these sticks and their performance is improving.

Included in price of the lacrosse stick is free first time service as you can experience minor difficulties in the beginning of play. Another good news might be information that I offer lacrosse sticks suited to your needs for a reasonable prices.

I'm able to supply greater number of sticks, for example to schools.