native american [us]

I began to play Czech lacrosse in year 1986 in 6th year of basicschool. At this time I tried to play more sports but none of them seemedso natural to me. I liked the possibility to play anywhere, even on greenfields, and thefact that you need only two players and tennis ball to play.

There are more reasons I've stayed with lacrosse: The game is comparable and similar to other sports. You can see many similarities in football, ice hockey, handball or tennis but brings you much more fun. Playing lacrosse isn't financially demanding. You can begin to play Czech lacrosse in relatively late age. Even physically less endowed player can enjoy the game if he succeeds to use his good playing technique.

Czech lacrosse at this time is played in Czech Republic only, slight variation of it is played in Poland. There are three regular men leagues (2 Czech and 1 Moravian) and one woman league. Both teams from these leagues and unregistered players can meet on free tournaments organized by Association of Lacrosse Players (SALH). There are five of them during the year at this time.

In the end I'd like to say that I'll be happy with every single new lacrosse player who'll be interested in this game. Hail to sports, especially to lacrosse!